Free Grants for Businesses

Free Grants for Businesses

Among today's economic struggles and high unemployment rates, the best way to create positive change and economic improvement is by building businesses. For you, this could mean starting a new business, expanding an existing business, or taking your business in a different direction.
Business grants are like financial gifts to businesses. The sources of grants include corporations, foundations, government organizations, venture capitalist, etc. who donate millions in capital in the form of business grants, loans, contracts, sponsorships, etc.

Which Businesses Can Get Grants?

UNITED NATION GRANTS offer grants to businesses as well as loans and contracts of all kinds: online or brick-and-mortar, big or small, local or international, service- or product-based whatever your business, there may be government business grants, loans, venture capital, or other types of funding available to you. Additionally, government grants to start or expand a business may be available to minorities, women, and other groups.You just need to be sure you qualify for the different programs.Don't be afraid to pursue a grant or a funding source because of a bad credit rating or lack of capital. Many grants are designed to provide disadvantaged entrepreneurs with the capital they need to start or improve their business.

How Can the Money Be Used?

You may be able to use grants / funding to build your business, which could include:
  • Remodel or expand facilities
  • Buy equipment, machinery, etc.
  • Hire and train employees
  • Purchase inventory
  • Supplement working capital to protect cash balance while you wait for receivables

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